Smart people still get disrupted today, but next-level decision makers...big bang disruptors...are disciplined and focused on disrupting the smart people! That's where we come into the picture.

We believe that small subject matter teams form the greatest outcomes to remain agile in the face of chaos. It is here that agility overcomes complexity and ambiguity is lost to clarity. We work with short-term initiatives as well as large transformation programs designed to change and improve existing conditions. Without bringing a large number of consultants into your business, we understand how to remain in the background only to be seen when needed to do the right things to get the right things done with impact.


We set out to deliver the strategic advantage that is needed to drill down on the solutions so that you can quickly move to the next issue or growth initiative. We help to design right-fit strategies and integrate them into the business to allow your vision to come alive. And, our approach is designed to deliver solutions that focus on incremental results, while also building upon the long-term strategy so you can achieve differentiated value quickly without sacrificing quality over the life of the business.

We offer a full-service consulting practice that focuses on the foundations of execution strategy, operational leadership and organizational behavior in parallel to “Better your Best”—organizationally and professionally. Our experience enables our teams to understand the strategic steps necessary to start a complete paradigm shift for every client’s success. We provide strategic direction and institutional capacity-building (the “CODE”) through the following service frameworks and offerings:


  • Campaign Direction: right-time strategy and tactics

  • Operational Leadership: interactive actions to affect change

  • Disruptive Innovation Frameworks: displace outdated norms to transform industry standards

  • Execution Strategy that Avoids VUCA: bridge the strategy-to-execution gaps in existing conditions (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)

  • Organizational Behavior to "Better your Best:" build better relationships to meet right-time key objectives

  • Coalition Search & Building: partner to build common purposes

  • Leadership Anarcluence™: applying a uniquely defined state of creativity to cause significant change or to change something significantly for improving norms that inspire “Better-Best” actions and behaviors (RESIDS1070)


Strategy and leadership development is what we do—and we do it right.


Let’s talk.

Damian D. "Skipper" Pitts, PhD
Chief Strategist

Thinking above the bar increases value and value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you. The trust you have in your people, strategies and systems. And the trust you have in your business is all about delivering value.

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