Our strategic capabilities are designed to merge with the capabilities of your members across the organization. They set-out to unlock the operational essentials that enable the formation and deployment of strategy in pursuit of a sustainable advantage. The main objective is to develop and launch right-time capabilities that will make the greatest impact over time. We understand that strategic capabilities are not a one-size-fits-all, so our approach is to analyze your strategic vision, identify the potential challenges, and strategically execute using a well-defined approach to realize your greatest outcomes. 


An organization’s strategic capabilities are what bridge the realistic gaps between strategy and execution. Our approach journeys beyond best practices to help our clients understand and build the capabilities to let their company’s strategy make a real impact that is sometimes disruptive to change industry behavior norms. By focusing on strategic capabilities, client organizations can re-purpose their missing links to improve their strategic impacts. Crossing the chasm to achieve the needed advantage may be a tough mission, but together, we will overcome all of the unforeseen challenges together. 


This page is intended only as a brief introduction to the strategy concepts offered in our work and to illustrate them to those unfamiliar with our work. There's no doubt that people will want to seek-out ways of applying some of these resources to achieve high performance-driven execution. We hope that you'll be willing to try and see how their uses will help you to Better your Best!

Leadership GPS
"The Five W's Agenda"

Through research, teaching and organizational efficacy, a series of five organizational behavior, known as the "Five W's Agenda," creates and disseminates knowledge that advances the understanding of how to lead and manage with the aim of increasing personal and organizational effectiveness—this is known as the Leadership GPS System.



TABLE Methodology provides the ability to make the best moral decisions and judgments possible, in rapidly changing environments, and using those decisions to not only overcome limitations, but to also create ethical momentum while transitioning toward the Future Picture with greater impact. It is a critical component in our Go Slow to Go Fast strategy concepts, set on achieving "execution excellence" through better choices.  


Other Flagship Concepts Available:


3G Paradigm Shift™: is it time to make a pivot to retool the organization and transform it to build a workforce for the future? We can help you identify how to achieve value-creating growth that enhances the strategic capabilities of your people and operations using our “3G Paradigm Shift™” tool: Generate (bring into being)-Establish (lay foundation)-Take Action (launch). This tool is designed to help you learn how to think strategically, focus sharply and move quickly to lead the organization and teams into the future.


Centers of Gravity (CoGs): the leverage points in every system known as the "Five Rings" that drives momentum and performance-driven execution.


The Language of Performance-Driven Execution: learn the behaviors used to establish a cultural change to ensure everyone is set on doing the right things to get the right things done—the simplicity of six. 


Leadership Triplicity™: understand what makes the TRUE fabric of leadership the driving force into extraordinary GREATNESS! Learn to adopt 14-proven leadership principles and methodologies to think strategically, focus sharply and move quickly! 


The OPTIONS Decision-making Process (ODP): an edgy unconventional approach and methodology designed to bring choices and decisions to a higher level using a different lens that improves organizational behavior using "Next-Gen" practices. 

Leadership Anarcluence™: an essential framework for developing, deploying, scaling and monitoring emergent applications that diverge away from the social norms in today’s marketplace. It facilitates a state of creativity and adaptation to create significant change or to change something significantly to result improved norms that can be used for actualizing environments that inspire “Better-Best” actions and behaviors (RESIDS1070).

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Leadership Code Switching™
Leadership Code Switching 

Nothing in leadership, strategy and execution matters without having the ability to journey to a new place, while in the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost. The ability to pivot against the wind—timely, effectively and with greater quality will help you when dealing with the obstacles, challenges and problems that can limit your abilities to manage multiple things at the same time. Leadership Code Switching is important when establishing new organizational behaviors that will change how internal systems behave around new strategy and execution. 

Six Principles of Execution Strategy™

Success today relies on execution of strategy combined with well-placed organizational behavior. It’s not just about innovation. It’s not just about improving products or services and making them better. It’s about engineering disruption to ensure reinvention. The Six Principles of Execution Strategy™ lays the plan forward for decision-makers to follow a road map to a much better future for their team, organizations, products, or services.


The “DIX Factor™” (Disruptive Innovation X-Factor): a tactical approach focused on building new business ideas to unlock game-changing products, services and markets. This enterprise growth strategy is the organization’s integration of trend setting initiatives to provide clients with the capacity and confidence to achieve next-generation objectives and to pursue lasting transformation. 


Crossing the Chasm: Bridge Between Planning & Execution: understanding roles and preemptive behaviors needed to identify performance gaps to avoid risk, lead out from crises before they happen and change incumbent behavior is a key 21st Century trait!


Preemptive Crisis Analytics: unpacking performance-driven execution using leadership preparedness and resilience to support the redefined and re-purposed organization and enterprise.

Our concepts, powerful as standalone methodologies, but a force-multiplier as an integrated whole, offers clear frameworks for employing battle-tested military tactics and leadership principles into your business. Any of the concepts deliver valuable new insights into a decisive competitive strategy and leadership mantra to break the norms of everyday business. They show leaders at all levels how to apply the concept's tactics and techniques to achieve overwhelming results in today’s fiercely competitive and oftentimes disruptive market environments. Email us to learn more today.


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