The “Art of the Pivot” Transformation Summit


The world’s leaders today are currently making decisions in one of the most competitive environments ever that is rewriting how business gets done in the future.


At the “Art of the Pivot” Transformation Summit, not only will you be able to identify the disruptive tools to make a necessary pivot, you’ll also learn how to put them to work, how to maximize their benefits, how to impact your future picture, and how to pivot your organization away from incumbent thinking that leads to big-bang disruption.


You’ll gain insight on how to keep the power in your hands to avoid risk, lead out from crises before they happen and how to go beyond best practices while becoming a Big-bang Disruptor (the “Grey Rhino”)—keeping your competitive landscape in a constant state of reaction.


Smart people still get disrupted today, but next-level decision-makers learn to disrupt!


To learn more about transformation summit and how to apply its paradigm changing disciplined behaviors, get your copy of Go Slow to Go Fast: Planning to Execution today. Along with your order, you’ll receive a discounted seat at $99 in the “Art of the Pivot” Transformation Summit to be held on Thursday, 26 September 2019 (valued at $899/ppl) in the great city of Philadelphia, PA.


After your order is completed, simply send us a confirmation email at to register your seat at the summit and receive your FREE “Six Principles of Execution Strategy” gift from us.


Where: TBA

Time: 9:00 am—3:00 pm


“A Big-bang Disruptor is one of those people who introduce, from out of nowhere, new disciplines, processes, products and services in ways that cause heartache to others who just don't see them coming. They don't look like traditional competitors and they don’t behave as incumbents. Instead, they are the disruptors who look at past and present behavior to think about what hasn't been considered yet. They use low-cost experiments with existing technologies to see what new products they can dream up and when they hit, their innovations don't adhere to conventional strategic paths or normal patterns of market adoption. That makes them incredibly hard to combat. They understand that one of two things is sure to happen; you either disrupt or you're going to be disrupted! This is a trait that leaders and managers alike must learn, as with all people in business, if they want to remain relevant!‚Äč” 


Excerpt from Go Slow to Go Fast: Planning to Execution


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