In Go Slow to Go Fast, we ask if you are a disrupor or even better, do you want to become one?  

Big-bang disruptors cause change without early warning signs that makes them incredibly hard to combat. This book will take you beyond best practices and into Next-Gen outcomes. 

Successfirmations proposes a new way to lead the charge of change, causing you to think, reveal and receive your desired outcomes in life.   

Successfirmations presents the well-founded hope that leaders can learn how to stave off failure and, if they find themselves headed down the wrong path, they'll have the tools to reverse their course of action.

In Success Traps, the book addresses a serious leadership challenge: why aren't you leading? 

The concepts are grounded in a simple, yet fundamental principle: “First learn to lead yourself and then lead others to find their voices.” It brings a lighthouse into perspective, allowing you to differentiate.   

This book is inspired by two great warfighting classics; The Art of War and The 36 Stratagems to help decision-makers both guide and sustains teams for any competitive scenario they may engage.  

The outlined warfighting strategies breaks inherited ways of thinking, cultural assumptions and rules, and provide patterns for charting the complex organizational situations and competitive scenarios associates may face along their journey of becoming a great team member. 

In Success Traps - The Concepts Guide, we unpack the Land of OZ to help Better your Best! 

This monograph sprang from the realization that the concepts in Success Traps are prevalent for anyone—to awaken your realized potential for lasting fullfilment. 

In Building Great Teams - The Monograph, leaders are able to address why some companies are able to achieve and sustain success, across decades, and even centuries. The reason is essentially great team work.

Based on interviews and workshops with over 100+ business sector executive education participant leaders, the difference between successful organizations and those that are not is their ability to build and manage the process of great team work. 

Crisis Leadership Interview - Damian D. "Skipper" Pitts
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