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Gain the focus and clarity you need to make tough choices about which segments of the business to target for growth and which capabilities to invest in to understand and outright win the competition. Through our services, decision-makers learn that a successful business strategy with extraordinary insights achieve results fast with peak performance.


Here at DamianPitts, our consultants help to raise your ambitions, determine your priorities, and chart a path to reach your full potential. Our teams work with you to mobilize effectively across your organization, from the boardroom to the front line, so that your transformation journey remains in alignment with your expected outcomes and on course. Learn more about the services we provide and how they can change your existing conditions and path forward.


Organizational Behavior & Design

Address the upheavals faced in organizations that impact performance, strategy and execution. We help organizations take the journey beyond best practices to unearth opportunities and achieve organizational objectives that support core missions despite VUCA environments—volatilities, uncertainties, complexities, and ambiguities—or rapidly changing markets.

Execution Strategy™

We help private and public sector leaders understand that in today’s highly competitive business environments, vision isn’t enough. What’s most important is the ability to execute on that vision to drive meaningful results to exceed expected outcomes. To accomplish this, we focus on making sure leaders are prepared to go beyond best practices, to create new behaviors, and to achieve the needed advantage that wins across the global competitive landscape.


We help leaders explore the answers from the question: “What hasn’t been considered, and how do we win once we do them?” To shape the future effectively and in your favor, our Execution Strategy™ framework and process is used to bridge the strategy‐to‐execution gap for hyper speed success using a series of strategy imperatives and organizational behaviors to do three things: (1) impact a rapidly changing environment, (2) drastically improve existing conditions, and (3) achieve sustainable and meaningful change for continuous growth.   

Strategy Consulting

We want to help transform your service into a strategic advantage for your organization: shifts in culture and technology continuously reshapes how to do the right things to get the right things done on a daily basis—from projects undertaken by small to mid-sized businesses and leaders to organizational prototypes launched to be proven over the long-term.

Our provocative core beliefs on strategy combined with our leadership rigor will help you see your business, organization, and your future, more clearly than ever before. We help you determine what drives operational efficiencies and how to create the right conditions for innovation to disrupt everyday norms. We have the expertise and experience to help guide and support your mission that will also help your leaders learn how to execute strategically through full-scale transformation.

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Speaking & Training

Our speaker training services explains the importance of going beyond best practices using  our Next-Level Practice Decisions (NLPDs) for leaders, organizations and decision-makers to learn how to "Think Above the Bar" to attain "Breakthrough Achievable Results." The outcomes are set on transforming enterprise-wide behaviors to form Next-Level Practices (NLPs) that will shape how societies behave around the speaker's message. 

Our team has proven steps to help you become a commanding speaker and it can all start by attending our “Speaker Storytelling Workshop.” For speaking opportunities, please email us today to learn more. 

Leadership Assessments Services

Our leadership assessment services are designed to identify performance gaps between planning and execution. Using our Five Rings approach known as the Centers of Gravity (CoGs): Leadership (decision-makers), Processes (strategies and tactics), Infrastructure (organizations and emerging markets), Populations (people) and Action Units (customers and vendors)—we're able to help you steer the organization away from continuing to "Manage the Probable" (react) and start "Leading the Possible" (launch a preemptive strike) by passing through new "Habits of the Mind" to inspire cultural transformations to impact the Future Picture. 


We'll guide your steps in bringing a much different viewpoint and perspective on what the future can become by helping to address challenges in a fundamentally different way.

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