Your City Does Not Have To Be Next!

April 29, 2015

Your city does not have to be the next Baltimore, MD or Ferguson, MO event! As I continue to watch the happenings going on around the county, I keep scratching my head out of frustration wondering; "when are we going to learn...? And, "why must we continue to repeat the unfortunate decisions that continue to hurt all Americans in the eyes of the world?" I decided to jump in to help resolve the challenges feet first with the release of my first of two books arriving to the book shelves this year.


I talk about what we can learn from the events leading up to the financial collapse that changed the world between 2007-2010. And how now, some 5+ years after those events, the lessons can be used to help you become a Big-bang Disruptor using The Art of the Pivot to transform incumbent thinking and go beyond best practices.


In my first upcoming release, Go Slow to Go Fast: Planning to Execution, not only will you be able to identify the tools to use while making your upcoming pivot, you'll also learn how to put them to work to maximize their benefits, to impact your future and pivot your organization away from going into the wind—that leads to Big-bang disruption. 


A Big-bang Disruptor is one of those people who introduce, from out of nowhere, new disciplines, processes, products and services in ways that cause heartache to others who just don't see them coming. They don't look like traditional competitors and they don’t behave as incumbents. Instead, they are the disruptors who look at past and present behavior to think about what hasn't been considered yet. They use low-cost experiments with existing technologies to see what new products they can dream up and when they hit, their innovations don't adhere to conventional strategic paths or normal patterns of market adoption. That makes them incredibly hard to combat. They understand that one of two things are sure to happen; you either disrupt or you're going to be disrupted! This is a trait that leaders and managers alike must learn, as with all people in business, if they want to remain relevant!​ ​


Smart people still get disrupted today, but next-level decision-makers, Big-bang Disruptors—disrupt!

To learn more about The Art of the Pivot and how to apply it, preorder your copy of 

Go Slow to Go Fast: Planning to Execution by Friday, 29 May 2015. Along with your preorder, you'll receive a seat in the "Art of the Pivot" Transformation Summit on Thursday, 4 June 2015 (valued at $799). After your order is completed, simply send me an email at confirming your order.


Your receipt is your admittance into the 4-hour transformation summit on The Art of the Pivot.​ ​Thank you in advance for supporting my upcoming release and please share with others that you might think will benefit from this topic.


I look forward to seeing at the summit and thank you for supporting my work with your preordered copy of Go Slow to Go Fast: Planning to Execution. You can also download the media kit here to glean insight into the book's value and offerings. 



Damian D. "Skipper" Pitts



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